Newly opened!

Tasty Mediterranean dishes in the new
restaurant in Apollo Business Center II which
you can enjoy monday to friday from 8:00 to 19:00


Morning menu

Mo-Fri: 8:00 - 10:00
Permanent offer Coming soon!

Daily menu

Mo-Fri: from 11.00
No daily menu today
Thursday 21.03 Closed
  • Creamy spinach soup with boiled egg 1,20 €
  • Grilled chicken with vegetable rice and cabbage salad 5,90 €
  • Fried pirohy filled with ham and cheese, leaf salad with yogurth dip 4,90 €
  • Gnoccgi with camembert sauce and rucola 4,90 €
  • PIZZA - Every day to choose from 6 kinds of pizza menu 4,90 €
No daily menu today No daily menu today No daily menu today
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Solo sole

In translation “only sun” is a new restaurant
in Bratislava Apollo Business Center II.

Discover delicious Mediterranean cuisine with our excellent pastas, risottos, salads or pizzas. At the same time you can choose from a rich selection of grilled meat dishes. The pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant is just right for your company events, family celebrations or other social functions. Our outside terrace will make your visit even more pleasant in summer.

For customers booking special events we can extend our usual opening hours.